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HERS INDEX (Duct and Blower Door Testing)

Building Code Mediation

Planning / Development

Rezoning and Zoning

Permit Processing

On Site Consultation

Additional Services provided upon request

ICC Energy Code Plan Reviews and Inspections

Green Code Reviews and Inspections

Manual J and D Load Calculations

Autocad Plans

TDLR / ADA Plan Reviews and Inspections

Asbestos Surveys

Permit Processing

Permit Processing

Can be a complicated experience and we know that time is of essence to you as a builder. Let our experienced staff deal with your jurisdiction and simplify the permit process for you. We will review your plans prior to submittal and ensure that you aren’t missing important details that can delay your permit process time.

Expert Engineers

Expert Engineers

At CCI we have engineers that focus on the structural integrity of every project. Safety and commitment to making sure that we provide you with the proper tools to make important decisions is what we are about.

Master Plans

Master Plans

Let our AICP staff design and plan your next development. We have the ability to create virtual reality tours to realistic master plans based upon your jurisdictions building codes and ordinances. Every developer needs to understand and know the limitations of each potential project prior to making a large financial commitment

Code Building Mediation

Code Building Mediation

Our ICC Certified staff are trained and stay current with building codes and ordiances to ensure that we are able to provide you with the proper information to limit any potential problems that may arise prior to planning for your next project

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